Application area


Traditionally there are three important application areas for the flow rack:

1. Order picking (wholesale and Retail)
2. Material supply for production and assembly (kanban)
3. Anywhere where fifo (first-in first-out) is of importance

Boxes and bins

The basis for a well-functioning flow rack is the boxes and bins (SKU’s).

1. Flat, stable bottom (CBL and KLT-VDA bins are exceptions).
2. No edges, flaps or staples sticking out.
3. Manual loading and unloading from the racks.
4. Dimensions of approx. 100x200 mm to approx. 600x800 mm (WxD).
5. Not extremely heavy, weight up to 20 kg for the larger dimensions.
6. Use heavy-duty roller tracks with a SKU weight above 20 kg (up to 30 kg).

Up to 20 kg: Standard roller tracks

The standard roller tracks are stable and are provided with solid steel axles.
We advise the standard roller tracks for bin or box weight up to 20 kg.

More than 20 kg: Heavy-duty roller tracks

When using a bin or box weight of more than 20 kg, high peak loads occur when deploying.
In reality it is very difficult to put heavy bins down with care.
That is why we provide unique heavy-duty roller tracks.

Because of a reinforced replenishment side, boxes and bins of up to 30 kg can be used.
Even with high peak loads during replenishment, the roller tracks stay whole.

Heavy-duty roller tracks are available for all product (with only a small surcharge).
With racks for CBL crates and KLT-VDA bins, heavy-duty roller tracks are included.

Special bins

In the sectors Automotive, Food and Retail, special bin types are in use.
For bins using the following norm we have custom-made flow racks.

1. KLT-VDA bins with block bottom (“Verband Der Automobilindustie”).
2. CBL crate with longitudinal ribs (“Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelen”).
Please contact us for other boxes/bins without flat, stable bottoms.
So we can determine if these boxes/bins are suitable for the flow rack.


Flowrack flow racks are suitable for usage in the following surroundings:

1. Indoors.
2. Temperature range stationary racks: -35°C to 40°C.
3. Temperature range mobile racks: +5°C to 40°C.
4. Normal humidity, no condensation, no dripping water.
5. Normal dust load, normal chemical atmospheric composition.

Plastic bin
with flat bottom
with flat bottom
with block bottom
CBL crate
with bottom ribs