Choose your kanban flow rack especially for CBL crates

This is where you will find both mobile racks with castors as well as stationary flow racks.

CBL crates

CBL stands for “Centraal Bureau Levensmiddelen”.
These CBL standardized (pool system) crates have longitudinal bottom ribs.
The flow racks are specially customized to use with CBL crates.

Depth of the kanban rack for CBL crates

The rack depth is always 1230 mm.
This gives a net storage depth of 1200 mm.
For CBL crates 2x600 mm, 3x400 mm, 4x300 mm.

Other rack sizes are available upon request.

There is always a suitable rack for your CBL crates

Choose the pick side straight or tilted.
Choose your colour scheme yellow or black.
Choose your kanban rack to fit your CBL crate width.