4. Try before you buy

Especially for our new clients

We at Kanbanstorage.com are convinced of the quality of our flow racks.
If you are a regular customer, you’ll know why.

But for new customers, it is different.

That is why we give you the chance to first try out our flow racks.
That builds trust.

Flow racks with the label TEST FIRST may be sent back within 1 month after delivery.
The product price will be fully credited (excluding freight costs).

How it works

Most flow racks of kanbanstorage.com have the label TEST FIRST.
These products are a representative selection of the full assortment of our products.

1. You can return a maximum of 1 piece per product.
2. You order the product in the web shop.
3. After receiving the product, try it out and see if it meets your expectations.

4. Not satisfied? Send it back within 1 month after delivery.
5. We will refund the full amount of the product price (excluding freight costs).
6. The client is responsible for returning the product.

What are the costs

A product that is sent back does not cost you a thing.
The product price will be credited in full (excluding the paid freight costs).

You only pay for the return freight and the original (already paid) freight costs.


Here you can find the terms, available in PDF.